Counterfit Culture Deathwish

Counterfeit Culture


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




The members of New Jersey melodic metalcore outfit, Counterfeit Culture, initially met in 2015 while still in high school, they quickly generated a local buzz and over the last few years they have carried on building on this and they are now set to unleash their debut release, the Deathwish EP. The Deathwish EP explores themes around domestic violence and drug abuse, but it’s a release that carries a positive message of hope rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of humanity.

The opening duo of tracks, Apothecary and Second Soul, are as bombastic and heavy hitting as any metalcore release I’ve heard this year, all the technical elements, breakdowns and mix of barked and melodic vocals are present making it an effective is unsurprising start to the EP. It isn’t until you get to the final track, X, that Counterfeit Culture start to express themselves and move away from the expected conventions of metalcore, the piledriving drums and heavyweight riffs are still present but the arrangement and feel of the song marks this down as the most progressive element of the EP.

The Deathwish EP carries some heavyweight credentials having being produced by Ricky Armellino, of This Or The Apocalypse, that adds to the feel that Counterfeit Culture are a band with a bright future ahead of them. Whilst the EP carries all the standard trappings of metalcore, the final track on the Deathwish EP, X, hints at a more original and creative element within the band that will hopefully be developed and will keep them separate from the herd of generic metalcore bands..

The Deathwish EP is due for release on August 1st and can be pre-ordered here