Black Dots / Gentlemen Prefer Blood


La Escalera Records

Rating: 4/5




I always love getting a split single as it provides the chance to hear what are usually two or more bands I haven’t previously been acquainted with, on this release we have Colorado’s Black Dots and California’s Gentlemen Prefer Blood who will be releasing a new four song split single, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow, the 28th April 2017 through La Escalera Records. The split features two new songs from each band, as well as what is becoming something of a tradition on split releases where both bands cover one of each other’s songs.

The Black Dots kick off this split EP with their original contribution, Bittersweet Though Mostly Bitter, this is a fine slab of upbeat punk rock that is followed by Diets For The Dying, their cover of the Gentlemen Prefer Blood track that continues the promising start made by the opening track. Gentlemen Prefer Blood immediately return the favour by covering the Black Dots track Everybody’s Got One, this side of the split has a harder more frantic edge and Gentlemen Prefer Blood provide the split’s finest moment with their new offering, Stretch Remedy.

Split singles are often a tale of two halves, and this latest offering from La Escalera Records is no exception, Black Dots provided a fine two tracks of rousing punk rock on the a-side, but for me it’s the flip side with Gentlemen Prefer Blood‘s contribution that has edged it for me on this release, but it must said that it was a close run thing. This is a damn fine introduction to two new, at least to me, bands, and as this release is also available on two stunning splatter vinyl variants you should already be clicking on the links below.

The Black Dots and Gentlemen Prefer Blood split can be ordered and streamed digitally here

Physical formats of the split and merch bundles can be ordered via La Escalera Records here