NoFX Stoke Extinguisher


Stoke Extinguisher

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 4/5




Punk icons and 30 year scene veterans NoFX make yet another energetic splash with their rowdy maxi single/EP (you decide) Stoke Extinguisher

This six song attack features a new release, the title track (Stoke Extinguisher) and a cover of the No Use For A Name song, The Shortest Pier which was origanally released on The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute after the unexpected death of the reveared punk frontman. The four remaining tunes are b-sides from the bands 12th studio effort, Self Entitled, released in 2012 on Fat Wreck Chords.

The great thing about NoFX is that they know who they are, know what they like and could care less if you approve or not. Stoke Extinguisher (the song) is proof that even all these years in they still know who they are, still create angry, agressive yet melodic and relevant punk rock.  

Although the title cut is the standout on this 13 minute, 25 second barrage, the other songs are what you want from NoFX. Whether it’s the frenetic romp of I Believe In Godess (not bad at all for a demo version) or the in your face, cynical and ambivalent Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots where Fat Mike defiantly proclaims “Call me fat fuck geriatric punk”, this is what NoFX is about. Need more proof? Want the well documented lighter side from these SoCal punks? Take a listen to the whacky My Stepdad’s A Cop And My Stepmpm’s A Domme. And last but not least you have the poser optimism of New Years Revolution to bring it all home.

There are many people out there who think a punk band shouldn’t be around for more than five years, let alone 30. They think hanging around too long equals complacency. Well in my opinion, one of the most punk rock things to do is buck the system, defy the odds and continue to be relvant as hell. Time has very little to do with it. You can look at The Clash and their short tenure or Bad Religion and NoFX and their three decade long assault on the genre and you’ll see it’s the songs that matter, the influence it has on other bands that matter, and not always the flavor of the month band that will come and go without leaving a meaningful mark. How many other bands can release a six song EP and extract this much conversation? Thank you NoFX!