Misfits Friday 13th

The Misfits

Friday 13th

Misfits Records

Rating: 4/5




Friday 13th brings us many things, superstitious people refusing to leave the house, the inevitability that somewhere a TV channel will be screening a glut of eighties slasher movies and this year it bought us the first track from The Misfits forthcoming Friday 13th EP. I’m aware that opinion is divided over the various incarnations of The Misfits and I won’t expect the debate over  theGlenn Danzig, Michael Graves and the Jerry Only fronted incarnations of the band to dissipate anytime soon but personally I’m glad they’re still around 

The title track has been released as a taster before the Friday 13th EP is released in full on June 17th. It’ll come as no surprise that this is an ode to Jason Voorhees and it’s a safe bet that the other three tracks will be movie themed horror punk. This track reminds me musically of the American Psycho era and I must say I’m impressed, the guitar of Jerry Other is reminiscent of Doyle‘s brutal power chords and this is a lot heavier than anything the Jerry Only era line up has previously produced. This has whetted my appetite for the full release of the Friday 13th EP next month.

The title track is available now for download via iTunes and the full EP can be pre-ordered in a variety of formats including CD and limited edition twelve inch inch coloured vinyl from Misfits Records here.