lΛVΛl - Laval



Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Featuring members of Trigger Effect and Mountain Dust, lΛVΛl (pronounced laval),  have a sparkling new EP for you to drown yourself in.

The Montreal quartet released the EP, dubbed IΛVΛl I,  on November 19th and it features fun song titles such as “Stay Gold”, “Graceful Debt” and “Liar Liar House on Fire”; but this is anything but a cheeky, playful listening. With a strong metal influence and drums so loud they give Raw Power a run for it’s money, these 6 tracks will give any hardcore fan a nice warm feeling. What can I say about hardcore that I haven’t said before?

It’s aggressive but makes you feel totally safe with that aggression. Though I admit I have not seen this band live, I will still support you seeing them in your hometown (most likely somewhere in Ontario or Quebec) if they should visit. Something tells me they would rip.

You can stream it here.