Hot Water Music - Caution

Hot Water Music


Epitaph Records

Rating: 3.5/5




First off, I’d liked to mention that “Caution” has some of the best artwork I have seen on a CD in a such a long time. It is just plain amazing abstract art. The cover has a slight sad feeling to it, using all dark colors, except for the bright red bird near the bottom. The inside has a small square on each page telling a story of a bird, flying around, then being caught, burned then reborn with music. The artwork is just fascination and I love it. The CD itself is simple but effective, and then the “DJ” in the back of the album is amazing,  soon I will be scanning it to make a wallpaper of it for myself. The artwork is amazing, just making you want to open the album, and play it right away.

So that’s what I did and I was not disappointed. “We spent a lot of time writing these songs, really killing ourselves on them.” said Jason Black (bass), and their time was not wasted! Straight from the opener (Remedy),  all the way to the final song (The End), there is rarely a dull moment.  As I mentioned before, Remedy is the opener, and their first single of the album. Right away getting into the vocals, this is one of my favorite on the album, and a great choice for the single. It is a hard pop-punk, fast paced song just like the rest of the album. It has catchy vocals with an incredible beat. After we head into Trusty Chords, this is another one of my favorites on the album. It is a slightly poppier song. The song has a jumpy beat that gets you jumping with it. It is just done exceptionally well, with great vocals and a even better tune. I Was On A Mountain comes third in this onslaught of amazing songs. Its about standing on a mountain, and falling off. I really enjoy this song and it was done effectively.

Now skipping a couple songs and going to song 6, The Sense, this is a fast paced song with hard vocals once again. A little bit before 2 minutes, both vocalists start singing, making an amazing contrast, and I just love how it is done. Not For Anyone is a great song, catchy tune and vocals, and an amazing chorus. Sweet Disasters comes next (song 8) is another one of my favorites. It has hard vocals, and a great tune. It is also a rare song, because it doesn’t really have a chorus! Near the end they slow down a bit, and end the song in a superb way.

Now skipping right onto the end, with the song The End. This is another hard pop-punk song, but a little slower then the rest of the album. It has a steady drum beat throughout the entire song, and is a good song to end on, but I believe that they could have done better.

HWM have made a CD here that will keep me occupied for a while, but it is not one I will be able to come back to in a year from now and still love it. The only downside to the album is that some of the songs sound slightly similar.