Grievances - Something Was Supposed to Happen


Something Was Supposed to Happen

Self Released

Rating: 4/5





Something Was Supposed to Happen is the second EP from London, Ontario’s Grievances being released this June; and so far I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the album twice.

The first time I was hearing it while enjoying a lazy afternoon on my bed. The second time while having a shitty shitty day. Although I am writing this review during the second listen on this shitty day convinced that everything in the world is the worst, this album would be the exception.

I could go on and on, track by track about the detailed specifics and overall “vibe” but I won’t, because this is 2016 and that stuff went out of fashion with Pitchfork. Specifics and vibes isn’t what life is about.

What I will say is these four tacks will haunt you. They will haunt you in a way a beautiful, sunny July afternoon sitting in a parking lot with friends, drinking beer and warm vodka straight from the bottle before wandering the sidewalks and forest, finally crashing by the neighbours pool while they are away on vacation would haunt you. You will look back on these songs feeling warm, nostalgic, confident about your life choices and a bit greasy.

These fine men have conjured up a wicked mix of dark, dreamy punk rock to enjoy with a tall boy of flat Pilsner on your best friend’s porch while sweat caused by the rays of the sun cleanses your body of the damage you endured the night before.

Essential listening for our eventual summer ’16.