Red Scare Industries

Rating: 3.5/5




Austin, Texas pop-punk trio Drakulas may be new on the scene, but their members sure aren’t.  Composed of veteran Riverboat Gamblers vocalist Mike Wiebe and bassist Rob Marchant alongside Rise Against guitarist Zach Blair, the trio has launched headlong into a new partnership with the advent of their debut EP, OWOWOWOWOWOWOW (don’t forget that seventh “OW”).  Landing somewhere in the vicinity of the the Red Scare Industries family, Drakulas play a familiar brand of fast acting, attitude-driven pop-punk – the type you’d expect to share a stage with Teenage Bottle Rocket, Masked Intruder and Direct Hit.

While only four brief tracks in length, Drakulas use every moment of the eight minute EP to lay out their game plan.  Quick, snarky and a ton of fun, the title track retains the rattle bang pacing of rapid fire lyrics and brisk, wiry riffs characteristics of early Riverboat Gamblers.   Drakulas aren’t trying to impress anyone with catchy choruses and sing along melodies, rather they’re on a mission to showcase OWOWOWOWOWOWOW’s downright infectious simplicity.  Those like “Gain Ground” are the type of killer tracks that move a tight crowd at a packed venue to spasm wildly in sheer pop-punk pleasure.  “Crimson Carpets,” which includes a final chorus featuring enthusiastic shouts of the band’s namesake “Drakulas!,” should keep the band’s name lingering in listener’s consciousness until they inevitably reach for repeat.

At the end of the day, Drakulas feels like the type of side project that seasoned musicians join to just let loose and have a little fun after working hours.  Drakulas is to Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against what Awesome Snakes was to The Soviettes: a low risk, high rewards side project with the potential to take on a life of its own.  With no real expectations going into OWOWOWOWOWOWOW, Drakulas stands to impress and reward from their early stages.