Chaos 8

Cause And Effect

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




Chaos 8 are a alternative quintet from the North East of England, they were formed in 2012 from the songwriting partnership of guitarist Paul Williams and vocalist Beki Straughan. They released their debut album, Burn, in 2013 to critical acclaim, and have continued to tour relentlessly across the UK, all the while building up to the release of their sophomore album, Cause And Effect. Like their debut album, Cause And Effect is a completely DIY affair from the roots up, everything is done off their own backs and is a demonstration of their commitment to Chaos 8.

Their debut album was one I liked a lot, it balanced Becky Straughn‘s vocals against a powerful musical backdrop, now what does Cause And Effect have to offer, it would have been easy for them to tread water and repeat the formula from the impressive debut. Cause And Effect opens with the punishing industrial number, Four Minutes, it’s immediately apparent that Chaos 8 have refined their sound and this is a more precise and heavier beast of an album than it’s predecessor. Each song varies the influence from the punkier faster numbers to the darker industrial material, there’s a even a more gothic touch on End Of My Days with it dark orchestral strings.

Cause And Effect has shades of both Killing Joke and Ministry when they were in their prime in it’s DNA, but this is in no way a throwback to a past era, the influences may be worn on their sleeves but this a contemporary album that veers towards industrial and post punk stylings, but retains a punk edge of aggression that focuses the material perfectly. The second album is traditionally supposed to be the difficult one, Chaos 8 are blissfully unaware of this cliché as Cause And Effect is a step up from their impressive debut. This is an album that should to bring them the attention they deserve as this will definitely be one of my favourite albums from 2016.

Cause And Effect will be released on the 30th September and the album will be launched on that date at the Horseshoe Inn, Wellingborough, UK where physical copies of the album will be on sale. Chaos 8 will be opening the Great British Alternative Festival in Skegness on 7th October and will also be playing Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on Thursday December 1st with support from Manchester based electronic band St LuciferCause And Effect can be purchased direct from Chaos 8 at their shows or via their Facebook page, there will also be a limited edition coloured vinyl edition that will be available later this year.

Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here