Young Fox Sky Beats Gold

Young Fox

Sky Beats Gold

Spartan Records

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s been two long years since Young Fox released their first EP, Predecessors, now the Pittsburgh-based indie rockers will finally be releasing their debut album, Sky Beats Gold, tomorrow, March 10th 2017, via Spartan Records. Young Fox claim to have adopted a more streamlined approach for their debut full length, if this is the case the it’s one that seems to have paid off, as the production on this album is flawless, without ever edging into being over produced. Sky Beats Gold boasts dark and driving drums and bass that lay the foundation for intricate guitar work, these aggressive instrumental elements combine seamlessly with soaring and confident vocal melodies to create what must be recognised as an accomplished debut full length.  

From the first notes of lead single and opening track, Sometimes The Monsters Win, which given current world events is an extremely topical song title, the whole of Sky Beats Gold boasts precise drum beats, serious bass hooks and huge, yet understated, guitar riffs, this is a heavyweight release that leans to the darker side of indie, but one that also possesses a rock sensibility in it’s DNA. These elements are balanced perfectly to create the kind of sound that I can’t help but feel will almost inevitably lead to mainstream recognition. Whilst Sky Beats Gold tends to dwell on the darker side of human nature, it manages to come across as an uplifiting and positive album, one that has big soaring choruses that compliment the whole epic feel of the album perfectly.

Sky Beats Gold is a heavyweight in indie terms, an album that should appeal to fans of the likes of Elbow, Muse, White Lies and Interpol, it’s an introspective, serious and flawlessly produced album, one that I can see catapulting them to filling larger venues, that’s not to say that Sky Beats Gold is entirely to my tastes, but to give credit where it’s due, Young Fox have released a seriously accomplished debut that is anthemic from start to end. Sky Beats Gold will appeal to the casual listener, but it retains enough of an edge to avoid being dismissed as a purely commercial endeavour, whether you like it or not I suspect that Young Fox will be a band that you will be hearing a lot more of over the coming years.

 Sky Beats Gold is available for download and on ltd edition vinyl, on Monster, Wolves and Desert variants, here