Turnspit DP


Desire Paths

Dodgeball Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The latest band to come from the Dodgeball Records stable is the Midwestern melodic punk quartet Turnspit who after signing with the label are now set to release their new LP, Desire Paths, on February 16th 2018. The Chicago band’s full length follows on from a series of EP’s, splits and singles and was self-produced and engineered by the band’s drummer, Dan Tinkler, with assistance from Justin Yates, Chris DeQuick and Paddy McGuire, and recorded at Atlas Studios in Chicago. 

Given the diversity of Turnspit‘s back catalogue it’s impossible to predict what you can expect from the band’s debut full length, but Irish Name gives you a good idea as it bursts into life with a spirited dose of edgy melodic punk rock that hits the spot nicely, Desire Paths keeps you guessing as the following track, Breath Taking, switches from the rasping female vocal of the opening number to a hoarse male vocal that brings a completely different character to their flawless punk rock soundtrack. Turnspit continue to keep you guessing as they deliver a mix of styles that incorporate indie rock, punk rock and Americana, that all sit alongside a touch of heady rock spirit that is hard to resist.

The alternating vocal delivery and the blend of styles and influences means that Desire Paths is an original and almost flawless debut album, tracks like the stunning Apologies I Have So, So Many that alternate the male and female vocals brings a dynamic depth to album, elsewhere there is the full tilt punk rock of Home Is Run No More and If It Meant Heaven Was Free that are closer to the full tilt gruff punk of Off With Their Heads. Turnspit have kicked off 2018 with a stunning debut album that blends styles and influences across it’s twelve tracks, but it’s one that always keeps true to it’s punk rock core, and this is another album that indicates that Dodgeball Records will continue to be one of the most consistent labels out there.

Desire Paths can be pre-ordered on red vinyl via Dodgeball Records here

Turnspit‘s Bandcamp can be found here