Toy cars PB

Toy Cars

Paint Brain

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5



Following New Jersey’s Toy Cars moving away from being a side project for vocalist and guitarist Matt Debenedetti and the band developing a stable line up, consisting of Mike Linardi on drums, Matt Caponegro on guitar and Chris Beninato on bass, Toy Cars have been constantly moving forward. Last years Sleeping Patterns EP hinted at the promise they had, and now they are set to release their debut full length, Paint Brain, on the 12th January.
Paint Brain contains Toy Cars patented mix of Americana, emo and indie, but when compared to their debut EP, Sleeping Patterns, everything just sounds more confident and up front, the album’s title track that kicks things off carries all the swagger of Gaslight Anthem at their best, this is followed by the lead single, Cold, that carries an anthemic quality with a chorus that positively bursts into life. After just two tracks in you get the feeling that Toy Cars have made exactly the record they wanted to make, and it can’t be coincidence that that on this release they’ve gone down the DIY route and self released and self funded Paint Brain.
Every track on Paint Brain carries the earnestness and honesty of emo, but this is matched with the bravado and confidence of Americana, the creativity of the indie scene and even brief moments of punk fury creep into the mix. Toy Cars never allow the album to slip into any kind of comfortable rut, from the acoustic and laid back style of Leaving A/B, to the straight up brash indie of Iron Me Out and Track 7, through to the more atmospheric moments of Erie and Swim and finally the tortured closing track, Sarah 1908. The end result is that Paint Brain is twelve tracks of mixed textures and styles that have been skilfully woven together to create an impressive debut album.
Paint Brain can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here