Spook School CIBD

The Spook School

Could It Be Different?

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Alcopop! Records signed Glaswegian indie punk quartet The Spook School last year, and they are now set to release their eagerly anticipated third album, Could It Be Different?, on 26th January 2017. As the next confident step in their career, Could It Be Different? is a storming continuation of the band’s knack for noisy, tuneful and triumphant queer pop songs about identity, sexuality and the self, citing influence from the likes of Buzzcocks, T-Rex and the noisier end of the C86 indie scene.

Still Alive kicks Could It Be Different? off with an adrenalized shot of punk infused indie rock that possesses a barbed chorus of ‘fuck you I’m still alive’, the album continues it’s energetic approach with discordant indie influenced numbers and with the mix of male of female vocals enabling The Spook School to take different approaches that embrace the vintage indie style of the likes of Lush and The Primitives, as well as enduring acts such as The Wedding Present and The Libertines. The pace only drops on the melancholy tracks, Bad Year, that punctuates the midway point of the album, and High School, that brings Could It Be Different? to a thoughtful and reflective close.

Despite the album cover Could It Be Different? is an album that shows that The Spook School are a band to be taken seriously, I’ll admit that I hadn’t encountered them prior to the release of this album, but on the strength of Could It Be Different? I’ll be hunting down their first two albums and hoping that I can catch them when they appear at the Manchester Punk Festival later this year. Could It Be Different? is an album that embraces the spirit of the dawn of the indie scene, and blends it with a touch of vintage punk energy to create something that is vibrant and current, but gives a knowing nod to the bands that came before them.

Could It Be Different? can be ordered in the US here and the UK here