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The Other Stars

The Day We Met

Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 4/5




The Other Stars new, and possibly their last, album is entitled The Day We Met, fittingly enough the day that some people get to hear this stellar band may be the last. If you already miss bands like Piebald and Modern Baseball this album is going to fill your void, but sadly you may already start missing The Other Stars. The Day We Met is due out on April 28th on CD and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records and 10% of every purchase will go to support The Organization For The Pursuit of Happiness.

Everyone I Know starts The Day We Met in a melancholy fashion that’s reminiscent of an angry R.E.M. before Future Distant History dispels any notion that this is going to be a downbeat affair with an energetic heartfelt blast of emotive pop punk. Fragile! builds on the feeling that I got that The Other Stars are bowing out on a high note, as this track continues the infectious and impassioned feel that the album. The Day We Met veers across styles on it’s eight tracks, varying between the anthemic, Flood and Castle Hill, the full tilt pop punkers, Mr. Boston, and the mellow title track and the closing number Wasted, that both suit the feeling that this is an epitaph for a band whose time was coming.

The Day We Met is a step forward from their last release, We Were Kids, but sadly it’s a last step as The Other Stars are no more. A large part of the reason The Other Stars are no longer able to continue as a band was due to mental health issues that Connor Bird has been struggling with for a long time, it takes a lot of courage to go public about such a personal subject and if the band doesn’t resurface in the future, then the fact that he’s started a non-profit organization, The Organization For The Pursuit of Happiness, to help people struggling with mental health disorders is a fitting memorial to a band that shone brightly but all too briefly.

You can pre-order The Day We Met here and stream the album here

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