The Moms

Doing Asbestos We Can

Bar None Records

Rating: 4/5




Just over twelve months ago The Moms released the excellent Snowbird EP, a release that made a big impression on me last year and ended up being one of my favourite singles of 2016, so to say I was pleased when Doing Asbestos We Can arrived for review is something of an understatement, but as always there is also a sense of trepidation that relates to a release that follows up on something that bordered on perfection, have The Moms maintained the impetus they were building with release of Snowbird last year? 

Good Job picks up where Snowbird left off with a hook laden riff, and Fortunate Former carries on the upbeat knockabout feel, that even has brass added, courtesy of Ciaran O’Donnell of The Front Bottoms, to underline the playful feel. Doing Asbestos We Can doesn’t have the rough appeal that Snowbird carried, but it’s been replaced with something almost as appealing, there’s a more poppy sensibility to the debut full length, but this isn’t at the expense of the infectious hooks and energy that are still ever present throughout the album. Alongside their obvious punk rock roots there are other elements that have been thrown into mix including rock ‘n roll, on  the short and sweet Rock The Boat. and a pervading indie sensibility, and for me there seems to be a distinctly retro feel to the production on the album.

Doing Asbestos We Can feels more polished, the rough edges that were present on Snowbird have been smoothed out and there’s a slightly poppier feel, Whilst their sophomore full length doesn’t grab you with the knockabout charm that Snowbird possessed they re still a band that possess their DIY credentials, the album’s title relates to the fact that they still rehearse in a basement where the pipes are insulated with asbestos, but instead of the hard driving punk rock The Moms have taken a detour that comes across as an amalgamation of styles, it might be a change in direction but everyone knows that The Moms know best, and the end result is a fine, if not unexpected, sophomore album.

Doing Asbestos Be Can will be released on the 13th October and can be ordered via Bar None Records here