dollyrots WS

The Dollyrots

Whiplash Splash

Arrest Youth Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Irrepressible punk rock duo The Dollyrots have released their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, today, the 24th March 2017, on their own Arrest Youth label. Whiplash Splash marks their first studio album since 2014’s Barefoot and Pregnant, as with it’s predecessor this is a completely fan funded DIY album that marks The Dollyrots commitment to doing things completely on their own terms. The new album also marks the addition of their daughter Daisy Moon to their entourage that already includes their three year old son River and tour dog Quito, you might think that having a second child would slow The Dollyrots down, but it seems that nothing will keep this duo from doing what they love, and what they love doing is producing punk rock and touring, usually with their children, and dog, in tow.

I Do kicks things off in fine style with their trademark pop punk chainsaw guitars and infectious choruses, The Dollyrots have always opened their albums with a storming track, and Whiplash Splash is no exception to this tradition, Babbling Idiot adds another helping of their joyous trademark bouncy punk rock, but Whiplash Splash isn’t just an album of uptempo buzzsaw guitar tracks, although I wouldn’t be complaining if it was. Tracks such as Mermaid , Saturday Morning, Other Trucker, and the superb slow burning This Addiction, bring a slower, although equally anthemic, element to the album, whilst Jump Start This Heart has a distinctly eighties feel to it, this is the only track that to me feels a bit out of place as it veers dangerously close to power ballad territory. These tracks are littered amongst pop punk gems such as Just Because I’m Blonde, Squeeze Me, Dance Like A Maniac, Pack Of Smokes and the frantic City Of Angels. Whiplash Splash closes with a cover of Katrina And The Waves 1985 feel good hit, Walking On Sunshine, of course it’s been given a suitable treatment by The Dollyrots who are a band who have good form when it comes to well chosen and reworked cover version.

The Dollyrots have delivered yet another album that borders of perfection, one that is a welcome addition to their extensive back catalogue. They are a band that do what they do, they deliver upbeat sun splashed pop punk, and to be honest I can’t think of anyone who delivers this kind of effervescent bubblegum punk any better than they do. If you already love The Dollyrots then Whiplash Splash is an album that won’t disappoint on any level, if you’re unfamiliar with them then this would make a damn fine starting point. Is this their finest album? that’s a tough call to make, Whiplash Splash is certainly as good as anything they’ve released to date, it contains everything we’ve come to know and love about The Dollyrots, and after almost two decades, eight albums and numerous drummers what more could you ask for?

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