Swordfish Rodia



Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Swordfish are set to release their latest album, Rodia, on the 5th May 2017 on CD, cassette and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records. Swordfish are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves and take their cues from the haunting guitar style of American Football, the vocal urgency of Sorority Noise and the instant gratification of Joyce Manor, this is a combination that covers the anxiety and heartbreak that you’d expect on an emo influenced album, but thankfully it’s one that avoids the self indulgent pitfalls that so many emo bands fall into.

Favourite Clothes kicks things off with a heartfelt and steady opener where the yearning vocals are set against heartaching guitar lines, this is largely the pattern for much of Rodia, but it’s not the whole story. This is not an uptempo punk album by any means, rather it’s one than channels the personal turbulence of emo and combines it with the melody of The Weakerthans and the passion of Off With Their Heads. There are uptempo moments such as the charged lo-fi punker Trenton Garage, but these moments are juxtaposed against the emotionally charged slower tracks such as I’m Okay (x3) and the album’s closing track, Owen, that brings Rodia to a satisfying and melodic finale.

The trumpet that features on every track compliments the compositions, rather than feeling like an afterthought, and adds depth to Rodia. This is an album that covers everything from the standard subjects that the emo genre covers including mental health, heartbreak and existentialism, but rather than this being an album that wallows in self doubt and selfism this comes across as an upbeat album that embraces the more charged side of the emo scene. The emo stylings on Rodia are combined with a few well chosen punk influences to create an impressive album, and it’s one that makes a welcome addition to the impressive roster than Take This To Heart Records are steadily building

Rodia can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here

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