Super American Disposable

Super American


Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Super American released their seven track mini album, Disposable, yesterday, the 7th April 2017 on CD and Digital formats via Take This To Heart Records. The cover art for Disposable is somewhat ambiguous, the roller blades and pineapple don’t give much of a clue of what to expect, and perusal of their Facebook page doesn’t clarify matters, other than 2017 apparently being the year of the pineapple. Any ambiguity is cleared up the minute you drop the needle, as before you get to the first chorus you have a pretty good idea of what Super American are all about.

Disposable kicks things off with a slice of summery breezy pop punk in the form of the opening track, Sloppy Jazz, Feeling Better and Dearly Beloved follow in the opening numbers footsteps, providing a bright upbeat sunny soundtrack before the album takes the obligatory melancholy turn with the acoustic strains of Missing Pieces. Disposable promptly picks itself up from this downbeat interlude and returns to what Super American do best, the chirpy melodic bubblegum pop punk of Dumb and Congratulations mark a return to form before Rebel’s Yell closes Disposable in an inevitably anthemic style.

Disposable is an album that doesn’t contain any surprises, Super American have provided seven cuts of upbeat pop punk that recalls the glory days of that genre, this is an album that will appeal to fans of early Bowling For Soup, Weezer and Blink 182, and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. This album might not be an original concept, but what Disposable is is a welcome reminder of just how good a pop punk release can be.

Disposable can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here

Super American‘s Facebook page can be found here