Spill Your Guts HC

Spill Your Guts

Hungry Crows

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Over the years Shanghai’s Spill Your Guts have had to deal with stringent government regulations and a fluid line up due to members moving in and out of the country, with the current line up, that is formed from a disparate collection of expatriates from three far flung continents, only having been in place since 2016. The band has been in existence since 2012 and ever since their inception they’ve been building up to the release of their debut album with a steady series of EP releases, now Spill Your Guts have finally released their first full length album, Hungry Crows. 

Riotica opens Hungry Crows with a full blooded hardcore roar, the opening salvo is followed by Praise The Fire, that somehow manages to up the intensity and introduces an element of crossover into the mix. Hungry Crows is an album that constantly switches between the styles over the ten tracks, but for me it’s when they head back into the tracks that carry a heavier influence from straight up hardcore that Spill Your Guts are at their best, with the stunning Altitude being my personal highlight from Hungry Crows.

Hungry Crows is a contemporary take on hardcore, it captures the same relentless spirit and blends it with elements taken from the extreme end of the metal world. This is the first time I’ve received an album from China, and Spill Your Guts are a band that indicate that the punk and hardcore scenes are alive and well on every continent. Hungry Crows is an album that carries the original spirit of hardcore, but blends it with contemporary metal influences to create an album that is as brutal and intense as anything I’ve heard this year.

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Hungry Crows is available as a name your price download via Bandcamp here