Rebel Spies Rise

Rebel Spies


Underground Communique Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Rebel Spies released their debut album, Rise!, earlier this year and it is now available via Underground Communique Records. Rebel Spies are a Detroit area hardcore punk band that boasts an impressive pedigree, amongst their number they include past and present members from the likes of Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Hellmouth, Hi-Fi Handgrenades and fordirelifesake. Given Rebel Spies members collective background you’d be forgiven for assuming what to expect on the debut album, and the odds are that your expectations won’t be confounded.

From the frantic opener, That Mask, it’s clear that Rebel Spies are influenced by old school hardcore, this shouldn’t come as any surprise given the band members previous membership and neither should the fact that Rebel Spies eleven track debut full length is an impressive blast of punk rock that seems to steadily build in intensity. Rise! is a relentless album that embraces the early history of the American punk scene, my personal highlight from the album is The Misfits influenced track See You In Hell, and it’s likely that everyone’s personal choice will vary depending on your musical preferences, but with their debut Rebel Spies have released an album that hit’s the mark on every track.

There’s a distinctly old school feel to Rise! with obvious influences from the likes of 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty and The Misfits, and if you have any love for the roots of the US punk scene then Rebel Spies are band that you need to investigate. Rise! is a welcome eleven track blast that recalls the energy and attitude of punk’s past, from that description you can probably guess that there’s nothing groundbreaking or new on Rebel Spies debut, but as their press release states, this is a love letter to the bands that influenced them and for me it’s one that captures the essence of early punk and hardcore perfectly.

Rise! can be purchased and streamed via Underground Communique Records here