Ramonas FWP

The Ramonas

First World Problems

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




First World Problems is the follow up to The Ramonas critically acclaimed 2016 debut EP of original material, You Asked for It, and their debut album is released today, September 10th 2017. First World Problems is now available on CD and download as well as on a limited edition run of vinyl that will be available later this year. The Ramonas are best known as the world’s most popular tribute to iconic punk pioneers The Ramones, however the release of First World Problems sees them move away from being a tribute act and into releasing their own material on their impressive debut full length. (Fuck This) opens First World Problems and replaces the 1234 chant with the title, and launches an adrenaline charged opener that is everything you’d hope for from a band inspired by the most important band in punk history. The Ramonas have not delivered a bunch of recycled riffs, they’ve bought their own character to the album what maintaining the spirit of da brudders, tracks such as Roadkill and Zombie Crawl bring a more frantic element, whilst I Can’t Cope delivers a darker moment into the album. When you couple these elements with the straight up punk of Tearaway, Sue Me, Quarter Life Crisis and Poser, the radio edit of which is added as a bonus track, then you have a band that have very much forged their own identity. Of course The Ramones are an ever present influence, Ramonas Go To Freiburg and V.O.I.D. are tracks where they wear their influences on their sleeves, but it’s on Cotton Wool Kids and the album’s title track where The Ramonas have truly captured the spirit of The Ramones, but for me the album’s finest moment is The Daily Fail, a true original classic dedicated to most hateful tabloid newspaper in the UK.

First World Problems sees The Ramonas blending the trademark raw dirty punk riffs that are borne of the band that inspired their formation , but they combine this with their own melodic vocal and guitar lines that sit alongside punk screams and a good helping of gang vocals. The Ramonas have delivered an album that is a more then worthy successor to last years You Asked For It EP where they first unleashed their own compositions, of course their live sets will still be peppered with the classic Ramones songs that we all know and love, but with First World Problems they have proved that there is so much more to them than being a tribute band, when you combine the tracks contained on First World Problems with the punk classics they are best known for then you will have a irresistible combination.

The Ramonas website is here and First World Problems can be ordered here