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Mein Trumpf

Primordial Records

Rating: 3.5/5




MDC have been with us since 1979, they were amongst the very first US hardcore bands, and over the years they have built an illustrious history in the underground punk scene, have been an influence on countless bands and have always been consistent advocates of gay, trans, animal and equal rights. Now MDC are back with their first full length in thirteen years, Mein Trumpf, their latest release is an album in classic MDC style, a searing indictment of current US politics that is true to the band’s radical left-wing self, and one that represents a musical call to equality and a wake up call against intolerance and hatred.

The title track leaves you in no doubt exactly where MDC‘s loyalties lie, in six minutes they question every element of Donald Trump’s presidency, and ask’s the question ‘what the Trump is going on?’, whilst the first cut resembled a punk take on the classic protest song, Working For Satan returns to the frantic punk rock that MDC are best known for. Along with the political blasts against the Trump regime, there are attacks on toxic masculinity, the treatment of mental health and addiction, mainstream culture and remote warfare. Mein Trumpf closes with the widely heard chant ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA’, that was first coined by the band a lifetime ago, and is now widely heard at concerts and rallies across the USA.

Mein Trumpf has a distinctly lo-fi feel and if you like you punk rock political and raw with no punches pulled then Mein Trumpf will be a timely album, the unfiltered politics of MDC marks the welcome return of one of the original bands in the American hardcore scene, and for fans of the likes of early Dead Kennedy‘s, Crass and Minor Threat this will be the rallying call you’ve been waiting for. Mein Trumpf signals a timely and welcome return by MDC and is evidence that they’ve lost none of their fury at injustice and inequality. 

Mein Trumpf will be released via Primoridal Records on December 1st

Mein Trumpf can be pre-ordered on black and gold vinyl here and on CD here