The MC1

A Jam Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Deep in the heart of Miami, pounding like a hurricane gone mad comes The Magic City One, Joe Koontz‘s one man garage punk band where he simultaneously strums his guitar, stomps out a drumbeat and belts out the vocals, impressively delivering it with all the with catchy hooks you could wish for. The MC1 is a no frills stripped down raw to the bone album of rock ‘n roll, that’s topped with punk rock attitude, and sprinkled with blues and roots music.

This is primitive rock ‘n roll that’s hammered out by one man who is a clearly on a mission, from the sleaze romps of Magic City, Bad Troubles and Gator Vs. Python, to the hardcore blasts of Going Off! and I’m A Hurricane, the rock ‘n roll of Throw That Rock and Wolfdragon to the triumphant version of No Fun, that captures the spirit of The Stooges original perfectly. This is a unique eight track album from trash city, and if you like your punk rock ‘n roll served up dirty and distorted then The MC1 is an album you need in your life.

With years of experience as guitarist and songwriter for the now defunct punk band Against All Authority, it’s no surprise that MC1 have delivered an album this raw, but this is a different beast to his former outfit, more primitive and closer to the proto punk of The Stooges and New York Dolls. The album is also served up with a generous pinch of sleaze via the likes of Hanoi Rocks, rather than the ska punk and hardcore roots of his previous much loved outfit, although that punk attitude is still very much present. The MC1 was released last year along with the album’s companion EP, City Wide Destruction, and both are now available via the A Jam Records Bandcamp.

You can stream and purchase, on vinyl and digital formats, The MC1 via Bandcamp here