Ghouls Run



1471 Records

Rating: 3.5/5




London based punk rock quintet Ghouls are heading into 2017 with their new twelve track album, Run, that is set for release tomorrow, the 5th May 2017, via 1471 Records. The album was inspired by true stories from the daily grind of real life, and the struggles faced in the modern day, Run encapsulates the challenges, thought processes and feelings of a group of young men coming of age, in many ways Run is a graduation record that brings an updated and mature sound to UK punk scene and marks a shift away from the sound of the 2014 debut album, Ten Thousand Words On.

You could be forgiven for assuming that Ghouls would be heavily influenced by The Misfits due to their chosen moniker but that isn’t the case, Ghouls are a contemporary band that have their own sound rather than resurrecting the sounds of those that came before them. The opening track and lead single, Seasonal Affective, kicks things off with an impressive post punk stomp, before the album heads off into an uptempo pop punk inspired style, but this isn’t the predictable pop punk by numbers approach I encounter fairly regularly, Ghouls incorporate all manner of influences into their sound, including touches of rock, ska and even a hint of post hardcore to create an impressive and original album.

Ghouls have made an album that stands on it’s own and doesn’t fit into a category, the influences are present but they are incorporated into their own style rather dictating it. If I had to criticise this album it would be that it all feels a little too polished when compared to their previous releases, there are no rough edges to Run and it feels detached from how I imagine they sound live, something that is borne out by a brief Youtube search, but that’s probably just my personal preference for things to be on the raw side, but however you look at it Run is a slick and original album from a band that are doing things on their terms.

Run can be pre-ordered via 1471 Records on vinyl, CD and download formats here

Ghouls Bandcamp can be found here