FOD Harvest



Bird Attack Records / Effervescence Records / Funtime Records / Bells On Records

Rating: 4/5




Belguim’s F.O.D. are a four piece punk rock band that are now well established on the punk scene on their home turf, now the release of their latest full length, Harvest, via Bird Attack Records, Effervescence Records, Funtime Records and Bells On Records, depending on your choice of format and location, will hopefully serve to further spread their name beyond the borders of their home country. F.O.D. have built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies, and Harvest is a seventeen track album that delivers those qualities in abundance. Harvest was released on the 7th February and is available on CD and vinyl, on clear and black variants, as well as digitally.

F.O.D. kick things off in fine manic style with 41, an ode to those of who are getting a bit older but are refusing to grow old gracefully, from this point on the album powers it’s way though seventeen tracks of accomplished melodic punk rock. The album rarely takes it’s foot off the gas, although tracks such as There’s A Place (Where We Can Go To) and High Street Gloria do provide some breathing space, but first and foremost this is an album of full tilt melodic punk rock that wears it’s influences firmly on it’s sleeves. When compared to their previous albums Harvest comes across as a slightly darker more aggressive album, but this isn’t at the expense of their trademark style, the melodies and catchy as hell choruses are still an ever present feature.

Harvest is an album that carries a hefty influence from the likes of Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon and Bad Religion, but that’s not to say this is any way a reproduction of those bands, F.O.D. have very much added their own character into the mix to produce a heady mix of their influences, that is delivered with a distinctly European twist. Whilst there isn’t anything on Harvest that will surprise you, there is certainly more than enough to delight F.O.D.‘s established fanbase, and any fan of the aforementioned bands.

Harvest can be purchased and streamed here

F.O.D.‘s website can be located here