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Rating: 3.5/5




BOPS were bottle fed on sixties music, they digested The Beach Boys harmonies and The Kinks savage pop before feeding on the booming sounds of Ty Segall and Girl Band. After relentlessly touring their native France BOPS are now set to release their self tilted debut album, which will be released on vinyl in France, Italy and the UK, BOPS will also be touring in support of the album across those countries. BOPS self titled debut album will be released via Rose Coloured Records (UK) and Mauvaise Foi Records (Europe) on the 13th October.

From the opening beat of Mary it’s clear that BOPS are completely immersed in 60’s garage, pop and psych, elements of the best bands from that decade are littered throughout the self titled album, but to be clear this isn’t a total sixties throwback, the wonderfully titled Mad Oyster contains elements of new wave and power pop in it’s grooves. These elements sit alongside unhinged and eccentric moments of psyche, such as Slit It, Sing I, Jim and Fantasia, the dark and dirty garage of No Voices and Mr Cubalouder, moments of Link Wray inspired distortion such as Sing II and See You There and even a touch of unhinged rock ‘n roll in the form of Wrong and Dunder Mifflin.

BOPS self titled debut album is an instantly familiar, yet totally original, trawl through the trashier side of rock ‘n roll that comes across like a previously unreleased Pebbles compilation, and as Get Primitive!, the legendary best of volume of that series, sits amongst my favourite albums that’s about as higher praise as I can impose on this album. For anyone who has a love for the original garage bands, the eighties garage revival or the current resurgence in the garage and psych scenes you need to acquaint yourself with BOPS, as this unhinged French trio have produced an electic and original release.

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