Autonomics Debt Sounds


Debt Sounds

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Portland’s Autonomics self released their debut full length Debt Sounds last month and , like their home town brethren The Thermals,  they deliver a relentless stripped down fuzzy poppy garage punk soundtrack, but whereas The Thermals channel an undercurrent of punk rock, Autonomics debut full length has the feel of an album that is informed by the bands that were born of the garage, this is blended with a melodic poppy sensibility that the likes of Weezer deliver so effortlessly,

The album’s title, the reference to Nada Surf on one track and the fact the brief opening track, Spirit Blues, that reminds me of the mellower moments of dark psychedelia by the likes of The 13th Floor Elevators, gives you an idea that this will be an album of retro garagebut from the point the second track, Bad Blood, kicks in that’s where the mellowness ends.  Autonomics have released a gloriously dirty lo-fi mix of garage, power pop and punk rock, despite the frantic fuzzed up nature of the album it must be said that Debt Sounds carries a distinctly melodic quality, one that carries throughout the album’s eleven tracks.

Autonomics are a band that possesses the true spirit of DIY, the album is entirely self funded by working day jobs in between shows and as a result there’s a relentless energy to Debt Sounds, maybe this comes from the fact the album is made to a budget and the band were on limited time in which to record it, but whatever the reason Debt Sounds comes across with a reckless live feel that the lo-fi recording just can’t restrain. The slightly muddy mix on Debt Sounds is one that will horrify audiophiles, but for me an album of this nature wouldn’t sound right any other way and the fuzzy wall of sound on Debt Sounds is just one of the album’s many charms.

Debt Sounds can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here