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At The Drive In

in•ter a•li•a

Rise Records

Rating: 4.5/5




At The Drive will release their latest full length, in•ter a•li•a, on the 5th May 2017, this album represents their first release in twelve years and their first album of new material since Relationship Of Command that was released back in 2000, the best part of two decades ago. At The Drive In really don’t need any introduction, but a lot can change in two decades and sometimes a long hiatus between recordings can lead to a significant change in style and attitude in a band, so what does the reappearance of At The Drive In signify?

The new album follows At The Drive In‘s reformation last year, the first, and most obvious, thing that strikes you is that original member Jim Ward has declined to be involved in the reformed band and has been replaced by Sparta‘s Keely Davis, whilst this might worry fans with fond memories of the band, it shouldn’t, as from the first track, No Wolf Like The Present, it’s clear that the years and the line up changes haven’t diminished their aggression or attack in the slightest. From the aforementioned opening track to the closing number, and lead single, from the album, Hostage Stamps, their isn’t a weak link in this impressive eleven track album.

At The Drive In have released a worthy successor to their back catalogue, it contains all the discord and attack you’d expect from a band with this pedigree, but they aren’t just recreating past glories, this is a contemporary album that is by no means a wander down memory lane, crucially in•ter a•li•a is an album that should satisfy new converts and established fans alike. At The Drive In are back and their latest album indicates that they aren’t just in it for the money, their punk influenced post hardcore fury sounds as alive as ever and this is an album that will be amongst the best releases from this year, it’s good to have them back.

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