and the hangnails DOG

…And The Hangnails


Young Thugs Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Based between York and London, …And The Hangnails have not let distance come between the duo when it comes to writing, recording and relentless gigging. The band, made up of guitarist, Martyn Fillingham and drummer, Steven Reid have a very proactive mindset when it comes to writing and playing music, this mindset struck a chord with Yorkshire label, Young Thugs Records and has seen …And The Hangnails snapped up by the new label. Now the indie punk duo have released the band’s fourth full length release, DOG.

The album’s lead single, Don’t Waste My Time, kicks things off with ferocious fuzzy riff and pounding drum beat and you couldn’t ask for a more serious statement of intent to open an album, and there’s no time to draw breath before the infectious distorted stains of Junk kick in. Every single track on DOG carries an enthusiastic bouncy attitude and beat that simultaneously channels the snotty attitude of the best garage bands and the energy of punk, along with touches of indie style and a massive hit of adrenaline to produce a hybrid that never once takes it’s foot off the gas, all ten tracks are delivered at a frantic pace and with a relentless fuzz drenched charm that is impossible to resist.

DOG is as good as almost anything I’ve heard this year, from the opening charged fuzz of Don’t Waste My Time to the intense closing track Fear, this is a relentless energetic album that delivers a hedonistic and frantic half hour that borders on perfection, it carries influences from across the board that are too numerous to list, although if you think of The Libertines without the baggage and self indulgence you’d be half way there. It’s all delivered with an infectious adrenalin charged enthusiasm and if, like me, you weren’t acquainted with …And The Hangnails before then it’s not too late to correct that and DOG is the perfect album to introduce yourself to this duo

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