A Fat Wreck

Fat Wreck Chords Documentary

A Fat Wreck

Open Ended Films

Rating: 4.5/5




Have you seen the documentary One Nine Nine Four? This is better than that. (A part of me wants to end my review here, but that might be ‘irresponsible’ or ‘leaving too much to the imagination’). So, here we go, a little review about a fun documentary.

Fat Wreck has officially been around for 25 years. Unlike last year when they were holding celebrations around the world for their 25th anniversary only to realize it was 24 years. 25 official years of Fat Wreck has accumulated more stories than I’m sure an 85minute film can encapsulate, but it seems like the best of the best made the final cut. And if that’s not the truth than Fat Wreck Chords is more messed up and more fun than we outsiders will ever know. From stories of the very beginning, including how the first five bands got signed, to a band drugging Fat Mike’s beer in hopes of upping the party a few notches to how the Fat Wreck sound came about, every inch is entertaining.

I’m trying not to say much because you are going to see it, don’t lie to me. Fat Wreck fan or not, if you love punk you are going to watch it. You might not tell the world you’re going to, but we all know it’s going to happen and why the fuck not? This whole movie is a love letter to punk and why it’s important to keep DIY alive. If you have faith in the scene it’s your benefit to check this out. I really hope you do and if in the end you think One Nine Nine Four is better then let me know because I just don’t see that happening.