Those Who Knew NPThose Who Knew formed two short years ago, since that time they have been industriously playing the local circuits and building up an ever growing fanbase, now the Nottingham based alternative quintet are looking to spread their wings beyond their local scene as they are set to self release their debut EP, New Perspective, on Friday 28th April. Prior to the EP’s launch the lead single from EP, Losing Touch, has already racked up airplay on BBC Radio as well as becoming a fan favourite at their live shows. New Perspective can be pre-ordered via all the main digital streaming services and retailers. Those Who Knew have now provided The Punk Site with an exclusive track by track breakdown of their new EP

Those Who Knew‘s website can be found here and the track by track breakdown is below

New Perspective track by track

Losing Touch:
“Losing Touch was released as the first single from the record and the band’s debut single. This choice was mainly due to it’s upbeat vibe and catchy hooks. The song was written about a relationship that hit a point where it isn’t so easy anymore, and if it’s to carry on both sides will have to give it their all. Our protagonist is saying he will do whatever it takes, and hoping his counterpart will do the same. The melodies for the verse and chorus were originally from two separate songs, but eventually combined with new lyrics to make ‘Losing Touch’.”

The video for Losing Touch can be viewed below

Shadow In The Sea:
“Shadow in the Sea was the band’s first original song, and demonstrates an edgier sound to Those Who Knew. The lyrics through out the verses relate to someone who is in a difficult situation, and they initially feel that they are being dragged down by the pressures that they are faced with. The song goes on to show them trying to take a step back and just getting away from the situation and the people involved for a while.”

“Seventeen speaks about reliving a time with a former partner or friend and looking back at that point in your life with feelings of nostalgia. It was the last song written for the EP.”

Nothing Left to Lose:
“Nothing Left to Lose was the very first song vocalist Danny Graves wrote for the band. It is pretty much a true account of how he felt at a certain point in his life, where basically he had messed up. The song started out as just a melody Danny had recorded on his phone and the band used that recording as a basis to build Nothing Left to Lose.”