Ramonas LPThe follow-up to The Ramonas 2016 debut EP of original material, You Asked for It, will be officially released on September 10th 2017. First World Problems will be available on CD and download as well a limited edition run of vinyl, that will be available from November 2017. The band, who are more widely know as the world’s most popular female tribute to iconic punk pioneers The Ramones, are set to move into the originals world with their eagerly anticipated self released debut album. First World Problems blends raw, dirty punk riffs with melodic vocal and guitar lines alongside punk screams and a good helping of gang vocals.
You can read more about First World Problems and view the tracklist below

Oozing the intensity, power and energy of a live ’76 Ramones set, First World Problems also encompasses many of the girls wider musical influences with hints of early B-52’s, The Cramps, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Runaways, Descendents and Mötorhead. The album also draws influences from 90’s rock, grunge, pop and the girl’s more recent contemporaries.
In a world where the ideals of punk remain relevant, the girl’s self-penned tunes are their own take on growing up in the noughties era, tales from the road and living as the social media generation.
With 14 blistering tracks lasting less than 30 minutes there’s no room for fillers on this loud, fast and powerful debut, which also includes an appearance from punk legend Charlie Harper of the UK Subs on harmonica. For fans of punk rock through to grunge, you wont hear another album like it this year.
First World Problems tracklist
2016 (£**k Thi$)
Zombie Crawl
First World Problems
The Daily Fail
Cotton Wool Kids
I Can’t Cope
Sue Me
Quarter Life Crisis
Ramonas go to Freiburg
Microwave Mandy