Strung OutFat Wreck Chords has announced that they will be releasing a box set for long running Los Angeles punk rock act Strung Out.  The set will include the band’s first three albums, each remixed and remastered by Ryan Greene packaged along with a DVD of live footage.  Drummer Jordan Burns details below:

“We are all pretty stoked on this box set. All 3 albums are sounding so fresh and revived. If we didn’t think you would all love it like we do, we wouldn’t be putting it out. Also the live DVD from our Twisted In A Suburban Wasteland tour last year is going to be sweet. Filmed in Montreal Canada, it will include both STWB and TBD live. I know, our first DVD ever and its looking great!”

The band plans to release deluxe reissues of Another Day In Paradise, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and Twisted By Design this summer.