Sleeping Giant has debuted their first single from their upcoming Ain’t No Grave Records debut, ‘Kingdom Days In An Evil Age’, die out Jul 12, 2011The song is titled “Dead men Walking” and is available exclusively at their Facebook page.

Give  the tracka  listen here.  A full track listing can be found below.

‘Kingdom Days In An Evil Age’:

  1. Throne Room Militance
  2. Dead Men Walking
  3. Eyes Wide Open (feat. Frankie Palmeri)
  4. The Cross Is Suicide
  5. ICXC
  6. Tithemi
  7. Tongues of Fire
  8. Jehova Shalom
  9. The Unnamable Name
  10. Morning Star
  11. Enthroned
  12. Defiance
  13. Father to the Fatherless
  14. Holy Is The Lamb