Say Anything has released details of their upcoming rarities album.  The disc will be titled All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities and is set for a January 22, 2013 release via Equal Vision Records.  The release will include all three pre-…Is A Real Boy releases over three discs.  Max Bemis expresses his excitement:

 “This release is over ten years in the making and something I’ve been dying to share with kids… We have incredible fans who have taken the time to dig for these tracks in the past so I see this as my way of rewarding them for being so awesome and hardcore.”

The collection will be divided as follows: Disc One – Baseball: An Album by Say AnythingDisc Two – Menorah/Majora EP and the Dormroom Demos, and Disc Three – Junior Varsity and Other Early Rarities.  Full track listing and album art can be found below.

Disc One – Baseball: An Album by Say Anything 
1. Colorblind 
2. Showdown at P-Town 
3. Into the Night 
4. All My Friends 
5. Ants in My Pants 
6. The Ocean Liner Incident 
7. Mackdaddy 
8. Shameless 
9. That’s That (Do What We Want) 
10. Resounding 
11. Rats 
12. Manhattan 
13. “Sure, Baby…Hold Back.” 
14. The Last Great Punk Rock Song 
15. Where the Hurt Is




Disc Two – Menorah/Majora EP and the Dormroom Demos 
1. A Walk Through Hell 
2. You Help Them 
3. Try to Remember, Forget 
4. By Tonight 
5. Baseball, But Better 
6. I Am a Transylvanian 
7. I Want to Know Your Plans 
8. For the Silent 
9. All This Fashion 
10. Until the Bombs 
11. The Keg is Bleeding! 
12. Signal the Riflemen 
13. A Boston Peace 
14. The Great Awakening 
15. A Certain Type of Genius 
16. My Bare Hands 
17. Nudity


Disc Three – Junior Varsity and Other Early Rarities 
1. Baseball, But Better (2012 Acoustic Version) 
2. The Presidential Suite 
3. Thoughts on a Liberal Education 
4. A Boston Peace (Brett Gurewitz mix) 
5. Consigliore 
6. Jessie and My Whetstone 
7. The Last Great Punk Rock Song (JV Version) 
8. Dreaming of Manhattan 
9. She Got Away 
10. High School Low 
11. All My Friends are Enemies 
12. Sappy 
13. Anti-Anti