Pure Noise SamplerPure Noise Records has announced that they will be releasing a CD sampler featuring bands from their label due out March 26, 2013 at Hot Topic retailers.  The disc will be included with the purchase of The Story So Far‘s What you Don’t See.  The disc includes contributions by The American Scene, Troubled Coast, Handguns, I Call Fives and State Champs to name a few.

The full track listing can be found below.

Pure Noise Records Sampler Track Listing:
1. The American Scene – “Blood Orange” (from the album Safe For Now)
2. My Iron Lung – “Here’s To the Collaborative Efforts Made By All Things Under The Sun” (from the Grief7″)
3. Forever Came Calling – “Front Porch Sunrise” (from the album Contender)
4. Troubled Coast – “Winter” (from the album Awake and Empty)
5. State Champs – “Critical” (from the Overslept 7″)
6. To The Wind – “Downpour” (from the album Empty Eyes)
7. Handguns – “Stay With Me” (from the album Angst)
8. Daybreaker – “Sleep Well Angel” (from the split 7″ with The American Scene)
9. I Call Fives – “Late Nights” (from the album I Call Fives)
10. Heart To Heart – “In Case You Haven’t Noticed” (from the album Heart to Heart *appears courtesy of Anchor Eighty Four Records)
11. Create Avoid – “Left Alone” (from the Pastime 7″)
12. The Story So Far – “The Glass” (from the album What You Don’t See)