PentimentoIn a statement made on their website, New York-based Pentimento has announced they will not be releasing their debut album on their new label Paper + Plastick as previously expected. Complications with the band’s former label Panic Records have arisen, and the label is threatening to sue the band as well as Paper + Plastick.

A portion of the statement reads:

Panic Records has hired a lawyer to threaten legal action toward Pentimento, Paper + Plastick and Black Numbers if we continue on with our record release. That’s why this album hasn’t had a normal marketing plan around it – that’s why you guys haven’t been able to preorder the record online. No vinyl or CDs or cassettes have been pressed. Plainly and simply, we’ve decided to close our relationships with P+P/BN at the current time in the interest of protecting those labels from legal action, and in the interest of forging on ourselves as an independent band. Panic Records has made threats to file take-down claims from any digital distributor selling our album. They’ve enforced take-down claims with YouTube regarding the few songs we have already released for you guys to hear, which due to the situation are no longer available. Truth be told, we have been in this legal battle with Panic since September. And even though we had to put off the relationships we were so excited to start only a couple months ago, we MUST push on as a band.

In protest, the band has released the new record on their website as a digital download, without physical distribution, for free. Click here to download the album. 

The band is asking for donations from fans in place of purchasing the record. You can donate via the band’s paypal.