Less Than Jake - LondonGainesville ska-punkers Less Than Jake continue their Canadian trek recovering from their epic show in Toronto at the Opera House. Day 9 finds them in London, Ontario getting attacked by the beautiful Canadian wilderness.

Words by JR Wasilewski.


London, ON – if there is a such thing as a “good show hangover”, poor London would be the recipient of it. After the show last night in Toronto im not sure how much we had left to give. It’s always fun performing but some take more out of you than others. I would never say we are getting old but I will say that the rest period between shows has become vital for us. 

It was a beautiful day and another football Sunday! This Sunday however would have no satellite reception on our bus to watch the games. With no other visual distractions I managed to walk about around the area and see some of the local sights of London, including the black squirrels. If you have ever been to this part of Ontario, you would have noticed these all black cousins of the grey and brown squirrel. They are all over the place.

And a bit! One of these little bastards tried to bite my foot while I was taking a photo of him. Here’s the evidence:

Less Than Jake - London

I would have gotten a better shot but I was busy jumping backwards. This little guy almost got punted across the grass like one of the footballs I couldn’t watch being thrown for touchdowns. Nature obviously was giving me two middle fingers by sending its attack squirrel after me so I headed back to the venue for soundcheck. 

Sound check was great and we were getting amped to play. No good show hangover tonight! I would love to tell you how the show was however due to circumstances beyond my control I got drunk and kinda forgot stuff. I was told we had a great time and judging by the lack of scars I’m good with it. 

Thanks for having fun London!

Photos by Vinnie Fiorello & JR Wasilewski