Less Than Jake - TorontoFor our first of two entries today in the Less Than Jake tour diary, we catch up with JR Wasilewski  and Less Than Jake as they play the famed Opera House in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto, ON – It felt like I was home as soon as I woke up this morning. It’s weird. We have been in Toronto so many times that it has a good feeling immediately upon waking up. It felt like home. And here we were at the Opera House ready for what would turn into the best show of the tour to date.

 Walking down the block for lunch, I noticed the neighborhood had a lot of options. This is always a good sign when you are at a venue that you can’t recall playing. I know we’ve been here before but unfortunately days and venues seem to run into each other. Stories get crossed up and you forget where you are sometimes. That is just part of the game I suppose.

 I settled on a quiet Irish pub for lunch: grilled chicken Caesar salad. I know. Such an Irish specialty. There are times I just need to eat a salad. I guess this was one of those times. Feeling fully satisfied with my lunch choice, I paid my tab and headed back to the club. I like to go eat by myself sometimes. It’s a good way to catch up with your own thoughts and get away from the “tour bubble”, as I call it. I can then take a little stroll and enjoy some of the local scenery which is always fun.

Got back to the venue in time for sound check and then it was time for some college football. Unfortunately our Florida Gators got their asses kicked today but it is still fun for us all to watch together and yell for the Gators. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready because The Interrupters were just getting off stage. Got to catch a few songs from Big D. before going to get ready to play.

Toronto has always been a favorite stop of mine, but tonight was the best show I can remember having here in recent memory. The perfect show is almost like a perfect storm of aggression, enjoyment, fear, anticipation and euphoria; all covered in a heavy coating of sweat. Tonight was as perfect of a gig as I can remember having on tour. This place went wild from note one and I wish they could all be like this one.

It’s sad that we only have 3 more shows on this tour but Canada keeps reminding me how awesome it is here and why we keep coming back. On to London!!

London, Ontario, of course. 




Remaining tour dates:

Oct 22, 2014 Ottawa Ritual Night Club  
Oct 23, 2014 Montreal, QB Club Soda

Photos by Vinnie Fiorello