Less Than Jake - Thunder BayOn day six of their Canadian Tour, Less Than Jake‘s JR Wasilewski recounts their day off in the small town of Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Thunder Bay, ON – I try not to complain too much on days off. It seems to me that living on a beautiful tour bus and spending days off in hotels, even bad hotels, is nothing to complain about. I think back to the days when we used to tour in vans and sleep on dog shit covered floors. So I should have nothing but positive things to say about anything that’s better than that!

Unfortunately, there are times on tour where circumstances are so far out of your control that you have no other options. Thunder Bay, though beautiful, seemed like it might be one of those circumstances: There wasn’t a lot around our hotel to do for our day off. The hotel we stayed at was kind of creepy, as in it seemed like many murders could have taken place there. The people were very unfriendly, which is really odd for Canada, considering most people I have met here are more than accommodating.

As I went to bed, a little confused as to what had happened and why I was so confused, I wondered if the tide would change for our show the next day at Crocks. I woke up to there only being one bottle of water on the bus for 10 people to make coffee. 

This was not a good start. 

But bad starts always leave lots of room for improvements! And did it improve! Went the the steakhouse across the street and had a great piece of prime rib. It was just what the doctor ordered. The day was turning around for the better! 

The show was a lot of fun. It’s always great to play smaller towns because they don’t always get shows to come through. I know this coming from a small town and always having to travel to see shows. There is a certain appreciation that larger cities don’t always express. I had a blast. And about 6 shots. At last count anyways. 

On to Timmins! Wait….where?!



Remaining tour dates:

Oct 17, 2014 Timmins, ON The Victory Tavern  
Oct 18, 2014 Toronto, ON Opera House  
Oct 19, 2014 London, ON London Music Hall  
Oct 22, 2014 Ottawa Ritual Night Club  
Oct 23, 2014 Montreal, QB Club Soda

Photos by Vinnie Fiorello