It's Like Bringing A Fork to A GunfightI’m very pleased to announce the release of our first ever release – a free, thirty-five song digital compilation called It’s Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight.

The compilation can be downloaded through our Facebook Page in two different formats (a 128kbps version and another where most of the songs are 320kpbs for all those audiophiles out there). To download, you just need to “Like” on Facebook. Liking the site will not only enable you download the compilation for free but will also help keep you up to date with what’s been happening in the punk world.

For the release, we teamed up with Paper + Plastick Records, Warbird Entertainment, Union Label Group, No Idea Records (and Southern Lovin’ PR), Sailor’s Grave Records, Kind of Like Records and a few unsigned bands to offer a varied and eclectic mix of bands from all spectrums of the punk rock genre (although, no emo).

There’s some of the best pop-punk of the year courtesy of Mixtapes, The Dopamines, The Arrivals, The Gamits and more. Post-hardcore makes an appearance through The Holy Mountain, Todos Caeran and Fiya along with some melodic hardcore from Make Do And Mend, Protagonist, and Rust Belt Lights. Psychobilly is present through The Brains and The Creepshow while folk punk is in full force thanks to Defiance, Ohio and Audio/Rocketry. Of course, there’s some straight out punk like Harbor 81, Hollowpoints, The Dreadnoughts, and Burning Streets too. Suffice to say, it’s a good mix.

On top of different styles, there are a total of four different countries represented on the compilation: United States, Canada, Germany and Sweden. Alongside many of the American bands, the compilation has a total of eight Canadian acts (The Dreadnoughts, Audio/Rocketry, The Brains, The Sainte Catherines, Feast or Famine, Todos Caeran, Carpenter, and The Creepshow), Small Town Riot comes all the way from Hamburg, Germany and Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots along with Subwaste both come from Sweden – Strängnäs and Orebro respectively.

The full track listing can be seen below.

Download the compilation here.

  1. Mixtapes – I Was A Teenage Poltergeist
  2. Small Town Riot – Backstreet Story
  3. Defiance, Ohio – Dissimilarity Index
  4. Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots – Bring The Rope
  5. Let Me Run – Corey’s Song
  6. The Dreadnoughts – Cider Road
  7. Kings of Nuthin’ – Old Habits
  8. Down and Away – Downtown
  9. The Measure [SA] – Timburkulosis
  10. Audio/Rocketry -Hallelujah Halifax!
  11. The Gamits – Falling Apart
  12. VRGNS – Hide and Seek
  13. Protagonist – Light the Fuse
  14. Rust Belt Lights – Forty-Five
  15. The Brains – Screaming
  16. Subwaste – Final Blackout
  17. Captain, We’re Sinking – Crushed by Milwaukee’s Best
  18. The Sainte Catherines – We Used To Be In Love
  19. Feast or Famine – Locked Doors
  20. Burning Streets – Throwing Rocks
  21. Make Do and Mend – Transparent Seas
  22. Harbour 81 – Queen of Hearts
  23. Restorations – Title Track
  24. Shores – Robin
  25. Todos Caeran – Questions
  26. The Holy Mountain – Here Is No Exit
  27. Carpenter – Mean Things
  28. The Dopamines – My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Night Vision Goggles
  29. Fiya – King
  30. Direct Hit! – Werewolf Shame
  31. American Werewolves – Coffin Brothers
  32. The Creepshow – They All Fall Down
  33. The Hollowpoints – God Save Anna Nicole
  34. Guns on the Run – Her Blood Means War
  35. The Arrivals – Simple Pleasures in America