Amnesia Rockfest - Alex MartelThe 10th edition of Amnesia Rockfest is set to take over Montebello, Quebect this summer from June 18th to 21st. The massive festival completely overtakes the 900 person town as bands as diverse as Snoop Dog, Gogol Bordello, System Of A Down, Tenacious D, Refused, Randy, Real McKenzies, Coheed & Cambria, The Melvins, Buzzcocks, Ten Foot Pole, Buzzcocks, No Fun At All, Bouncing Souls Bigwig and Planet Smashers. Not to mention Rancid doing … And Out Come The WolvesOffspring performing Americana and The Deftones doing Around The Fur.

Suffice to say, the festival is going to be pretty damn epic.

We caught up with Rockfest found Alex Martel to discuss this year’s lineup, the festival’s growth and their famed logistical problems of having 200,000 people in a town of 900.

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