Against Me! - Laura Jane GraceIt’s surprising to think that this is our eighth interview with Against Me!. Over the decade since we interviewed former-former-former drummer Warren Oakes back in 2005Against Me! has been in a constant state of evolution. Line-up changes, record label swaps, arrests, coming out as transgender, several albums and so much more. 

For our latest conversation with the polarizing and popular punk band, we called up front-woman Laura Jane Grace in the middle of their tour with Frank Iero & The Celebration and Annie Girl and the Flight and talked to her about what she’s been up to lately. We cover a wide range of topics including everything from their new live album, 23 Live Sex Acts, to whether or not they consider themselves a Florida band to playing with Miley Cyrus for her Happy Hippie Foundation and the importance of educating people about transgender issues. 

As always, Grace gave honest and open answers with a level of detail many overlook and gave an eye-opening look into the inner workings of Against Me! – a band made up of four friends from around the globe.

Unfortunately, before we could get into the some anticipated questions about their new album that Grace hinted at, her upcoming book and some long last recordings, we got disconnected. Instead of dragging the interview out for too much longer and trying to reconnect, we figured we’ll save the questions for interview number nine with Against Me!

Read the interview here and don’t forget to check them out on tour.