EIS_tape_clubExploding In Sound Records have announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service that will release a new tape every other month, the label was inspired by the incredible amount of amazing new music they wish they could release. The EIS Tape Club is a celebration of independent music, new artists, and the pursuit of finding your next favourite band.

You can join the EIS Tape Club here

Details of the EIS Tape Club‘s first release can be found below

Long Island, NY’s Anna Altman are set to release the inaugural cassette in the series, the duo’s full length debut, Freightliner, that is due out on the 28th April. Anna Altman‘s Lucia Arias and Christian Billard, both of Turnip King, create gorgeous melodies and tangled minimalist arrangements, simple songs that are filled with atmosphere and stunning vocals. There’s a serene beauty in their hypnotic music, built on repeating structures, colourful patterns and radiant lyrics that is reminiscent of Liz Phair, The Breeders, and Bedhead.