Disconnect Disconnect Records has revealed details regarding a new compilation.

Titled Removals, it is a 21 track compilation featuring great new and established acts from around the world, with all unreleased songs – including new songs, demos, acoustic versions and covers. The compilation will get a full physical (CD) and digital release on 31st January 2012. See the track listing below.

There will be a record release show on Friday 27th January at The Windmill, Brixton, which will feature The Fear and Darko amongst others.


1) Uncommonmenfrommars – Jim Got In A Fight With Brian Molko
2) Hit The Switch – Retroactive
3) IVS – Storm Warning
4) Our Time Down Here – Under Dim Light
5) Counterpunch – Blue Skies
6) The Fear – Great News For Typists
7) Booze Cruise – I Said Light Cream Cheese, Not Light On The Cream Cheese
8) 3 Cards Short – Ashitaka
9) Harker – Loyal Than Most
10) The Stereo State – Altamont
11) Rebuke – Libertine
12) Samuel Caldwells Revenge – The REAL Lost Boys Of Sudan
13) After The Fall – Forgive And Forget
4) Darko – The Smarter I Think I Am The Dumber I Get
15) Caleb Lionheart – We’re Rooted Here and You Can’t Pull Us Up
16) She Likes Todd – Explode
17) Friends With The Enemy – Waking Up
18) Versus The World – In Fear Of Finale
19) Overtime Heroes – Open Hands
20) The Braces – What Happened
21) PJ Bond – Solitude