GardenheadSinger-songwriter Casey Bolles will make his return this year with a new project called Gardenhead.   He has premiered his first single under the new moniker, “Underwater,” which will be available digitally on August 4th via Pure Noise Records.  Bolles comments on the new direction:
“I’m starting Gardenhead because I needed a fresh start. I haven’t released music in a while; I’ve been focusing on a lot of other facets of my life. But when I started writing again, I’d been listening to a much wider range of artists and began experimenting with different sounds. Luckily I’ve made a lot of friends through the music scene the past few years, and I wanted a better way to get them involved in the music I’m making. The product of that is Gardenhead. I hope the narratives in these new songs have a more mature perspective than what I was writing before. And I hope people hear something that feels refreshed and new, and while not always happy, at least comforting in some way.”
Stream the song early below.