ARTHUR-CoverAfter more than a decade together, Arthur, the side project of numerous MXPX members, have decided to put the band to rest. Arthur began with the original line-up of Michael “Arthur” Herrera, Yuri “Zane” Ruley and MxPx stage tech Neil “Alexander” Hundt in 1997. Shortly after, Thomas “Edmund” Wisniewski joined and completed the band. 

The four-piece released their debut EP, Loneliness Is Bliss in 1999, the first through their newly formed independent record label, Rock City Recording Company. It wasn’t until 2010 that they finally released their debut full length album, What The Years Crawl By.

Michael “Arthur” Herrera commented: 

“Arthur was never a full time touring band, but we were a band none the less, which is why we’re formally BREAKING UP. It just doesn’t make sense to keep doing nothing, so we’ve collectively decided to pursue separate creative endeavors.”