Barren WombNorwegian hardcore band Barren Womb have announced that their new full length, Nique Everything is due for release on November 27th via Spartan Records.  Ahead of the street date the band are streaming one of the album tracks You Can’t Fire Me, Because I Quit via BrooklynVegan and you can check out the LP’s cover art and track list below.

Track listing:

1. Make sure you get yr whole head in front of t…

2. Heap blame/put to shame

3. White raven

4. Piss jugs

5. Town’s back the way you came

6. Älyämpäri

7. Man fucks burning goat

8. Devil run the game

9. You can’t fire me, because I quit

10. Svart hav

Barren Womb cover art