All Tied Up BSAll Tied Up are surging ahead with the release of their engulfing new EP, Breaking Silence, which lands via Stack In A Box Records on September 22nd. All Tied Up dispatch thumping power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that conjure up comparisons to All Time Low and A Day To Remember, as well as heavyweight luminaries such as Blink-182 and Green Day. In an exclusive for The Punk Site the band have revealed a track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP.
Breaking Silence can be pre-ordered on CD and digital formats here
You can read the track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP below

All Tied Up ‘Breaking Silence’ EP Track By Track
So Enthusiastic
This song is about being out at a club and taking a liking to a particular girl who spends the entire night undecided as to whether she likes you back or not. As the song develops, the protagonist’s attitude towards the situation changes from trying to impress the girl to get her attention to a kind of “whatever” feeling.
Better Day
Put simply, this song is just about having a terrible day where everything seems to go wrong but staying positive by knowing that the next day can be better. The idea of something being so bad that it couldn’t really get any worse and therefore, by default, what’s to come can only be better.
Asbestos Box
This song is about a slow, self-aware decent into insanity; the concept of how mental stability and insanity is usually noticed by other people around you and the victim is usually the one to be in denial or unaware of it. It’s been flipped-around to have the protagonist be consciously aware of his increasing instability but everyone around him telling him that he is fine.
Breaking Silence
The title track is about lingering regret and pain from someone walking out of your life, whether it be a girlfriend/boyfriend or a mother/father it’s a common feeling of pain that most people have experienced and can relate to. It’s not your typical “ex-girlfriend breaking up” song, so was written in a way which it could relate to anyone who has experienced the feeling of loss from someone walking out of their life in one way or another.
Master of Disguise
This is about how pointless arguments and spats with your significant other get out of hand when they really don’t need to. “Creating a mountain out of a mole hill” describes it best. The moral is that regardless of how much things get out of hand, and no matter how petty or futile the argument, the love between both is stronger.