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Wasted Potential

Danny Kidd

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London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential are playing Montreal’s 6th annual Pouzza Fest later this month. I talked to lead singer Danny Kidd (who is quickly becoming one of my favourite people) to talk about what the fest means to the band.


 SM: How many time have you played Pouzza?

DK: This will be Wasted Potentials third time playing Pouzza fest.

SM: What is it about Pouzza that makes you want to keep going back?

DK: The reason we keep coming back is because they keep having us. They’ve been very good to us over the years and it’s one of the highlights of our year.

SM:  When you’re not playing shows, how do you spend your spare time at the festival?

DK: Spare time at Pouzza is generally spent in a haze of overindulgence. There’s so much good food and an abundance of alcohol and friends to catch up with and make and bands you love or are seeing for the first time because you met them at some other show earlier in the day and they seemed like good people so why not see them do what they came to do.

SM: How do you say Wasted Potential in french?

DK: The most common translation I’ve found on google is: Potentiel Gaspillé. So that seems like it may be mostly correct.

SM: What five bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Wasted PotentialDK: The Creeps, Stuck Out Here, Lemuria and Junior Battles are bands that have made music that means so much to me. The weekend will definitely be an emotional rollercoaster. We play on the Sunday but my voice will be long gone by then, screaming all of their songs. The Night Birds are one of the most phenomenal bands around, seeing them again will be crushing. So probably them.

SM: How does Pouzza differ from other festivals you’ve been to?

DK: Montreal is Montreal. For me personally the biggest difference between Pouzza and other festivals is I just feel this sense of coming home, while in a place that’s not my home. I feel as though this entire interview has taken a sentimental turn, but Pouzza is like that for me. One of my oldest and dearest friends Bryce lives in Montreal, every Pouzza we get together and it’s amazing. Red Arms, Curt Murder, the Creeps, Stuck Out Here, School Damage, Brutal Youth, Penske File and many many more I’ll later feel terrible for not mentioning, are all people I love being around who are creating great art and it’s like a celebration of everyone just giving a whole lot of a fuck and being completely awesome for doing so. That is how Pouzza differs for me.

SM: Has poutine pizza changed your life for the better for worse.

DK: I’ve never tried actual Pouzza to be honest, but I saw Chumped for the first time at Pouzza, so if poutine pizza was responsible for that than it has definitely been for the better.

SM: Do aliens exist?


SM: Is romance dead or has it just been replaced by bromance?

DK: Why not just tell everyone you love them and why?

SM: What is your favourite Pouzza venue?

DK: Katacombes, it’s the first place we played at Pouzza, the place I saw Chumped for the first time, the place I walk puked to so I could see the Junior Battles secret show after seeing Stuck Out Here. Trigger Happy threw bread at us while we played there. What more could there be?